Sojoudian Maziar

Maziar Sojoudian

Cloud Systems Engineer

Name:Maziar Sojoudian

I’m a *nix system administrator for more than 8 years. I love Open Source and Free Software, Cloud Computing, Mathematical, Especially Geometry and Discrete Mathematics Developing.


Jan 2014 - present


Chief Technical Officer

Currently responsible for the planning, engineering, and implementation of Amazon Web Services for a large global organization. Primary duties involve working closely with Cloud Architects and IT Leadership regarding strategy and timelines for the implementation of cloud services. Technical duties consist of working hands-on as part of a small team to implement cloud technologies including autoscaling, continuous integration/delivery, and configuration management all using DevOps practices. Founding member of a Cloud Enablement Services group aimed at assisting and easing the utilization of cloud resources by traditional infrastructure and development teams.

Major accomplishments (recent first):

  • Designed and implemented a robust provisioning system using ServiceNow, CloudFormation, and Puppet to build Linux and Windows workloads upon request.
  • Engineered and implemented Puppet Configuration Management using r10k with continuous delivery for flexible management of EC2 instances.
  • Worked side-by-side with Cloud Architects to design and develop AWS account and VPC structure for highly flexible permission and network requirements.
  • Evaluated and implemented multiple SaaS vendors including Datadog for system monitoring and CloudHealth for cloud governance/reporting.
  • Architected and built first experimental AWS deployments primarily consisting of legacy PHP and Java web applications.



Work Experience

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Portfolio item 1

Portfolio item 1

Cloud, High Availability
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